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Oil Pulling - pour anglophiles : mmh, de l'info !!

What they say about OP – A few extracts
I have been doing OP since two years with my family members. It is a healthy and good habit and has no side effe
-Dr. Arvind M. Sangolli, M.S., Consultant Surgeon (ENT), Bangalore
I am a retired government medical officer. Now a day, diseases are developing fast, people are exploited by costly drugs, tests and fees and poor people cannot afford. You know our country is poor and the medical treatment cost is much more than before. You have to be congratulated forthe meritorious work in spreading OP to nook and corner of A.P and helping the poor to get rid ofdiseases cheaply, safely and that by staying at home without drugs, tests and fees.
-Dr.S.Subbarao, Vijayawada, A.P
OP brings out phlegm from the body. Phlegm is poison. Removal of this brings life, energy, light and shine to the body. I can say with 58 years experience in Ayurveda, that OP is atherapy of potency and power to bring health to people.
-Dr. T. Madhusudhana Rao, Ayurveda Practioner, Nuzvid.
In case of joint pains the improvement that would have resulted in eight months with my medicines, have come within two moths of OP. For allergy, asthma and tooth diseases,the results are wonderfu
-Dr.S.Chandramouli, Homeopath, Gollalamamidalam, E.G. Dt., A. P
This therapy is very simple and inexpensive. Based on the benefits I gained, I strongly recommend this therapy to heart patients as well as people suffering from asthma and other lung infections. It has many good effects and therefore all can practice.
- Prof. M.S.Naidu, PhD, IISc, Bangalore
I am recommending OP to others. I use gingely oil. All members of my household are now practicing OP. OP is a magic and wonder cure for all diseases.
- Prof C S Mahadevan, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
I am 82 years old. I have been suffering from constipation and piles for the last four decades. Within two weeks of practicing OP, I started getting relief. Inflammation and pilesdecreased. Decades old pain has gone just by doing OP with gingelly (sesame) oil. It is good for all to practice.
- Padma Bhusan, Sri Kalogi Narayana Rao, People's Poet, Tirupathi, A.P
“Many think it is a simple therapy. True it is simple, cheap, safe and sure therapy. It is gentle andkind to the afflicted - a divine gift to the suffering humanity. "Practice it and become healthy”.
-Swami Swaroopananda Bharati, Hyderabad
I am practicing OP daily. It is very good. I am instructing all my devotees to practice OP and theyare practicing.
- Swami Devananda, The Divine Life Society Rishikesh, U.P
OP has been brought into light and has gained great popularity and is spreading further day byday. Those who are practicing and having faith believe that it is the nectarine gift of God to thepeople.
A.Lakshmaiah S.P (Rtd), Visakhapatnam, A.P
People are able to regain health by OP introduced by you. ‘Health is great Wealth’ is a saying. Youhave given this great wealth to the people of Andhra through OP with just one spoon of oil, whichcosts very little.
-Bujji.Y, Rayalacheruvu, A.P
Ensnared by the modern methods of living, people are loosing the God given health. For thosepoor souls suffering from diseases your “Wonderful OP Therapy” is a “Light of Hope”.
- P.Satyanarayana, Guntur
Large number of people in Andhra Pradesh regained their health by practicing your advice. So many people, who got rid of their diseases, are going forward in their lives with renewed healthand enthusiasm.
- R.S Narayana, Tirupathi
At the dawn of twenty first century it causes doubt, disbelief and astonishment, if one advises youto practice a therapy, which cures most diseases. In the past twelve years the curative results of"Oil Pulling” (OP) of thousands of people provides proof beyond doubt. It is described as the 'Best Drugless Therapy' a cure for most diseases.
The aim of this pamphlet is to provide the essential details about OP to help you to cure yourselfby practicing at home.
Dr F Karach, who proposed the oil treatment at a conference of oncologists and bacteriologists in UDSSR, said most different diseases, could be totally cured without medicines or surgery. "Withoil therapy I have cured my chronic blood disease with which I suffered for 15 years. It healed inthree days an acute arthritis".
Diseases curable
Dr F Karach said OP heals “migraine head-aches, bronchitis, diseases of teeth and gums, thrombosis, eczema, encephalitis, ulcers, stomach, intestinal disorders, gastro enteritis, peritonitis,diseases of heart, kidney, liver, and lungs; chronic blood disorders like leukemia; arthritis andrelated illnesses; Neuro-physiological paralysis, meningitis, chronic sleeplessness and women'shormonal disorders. In terminal diseases such as cancer, Aids, and chronic infections, this treatment method has been shown to success fully replace all others”.
I got a pamphlet on OP at a homeopathy course during December 1992. My wife and I startedpracticing OP from Jan 1993 and now for over twelve years. At the age of 63 I have been cured by OP of allergic sneezing and cold in the morning/night-of over four decades, asthma, sleeplessness, palpitation, allergies due to food items, smells, and digestion problems for many years. My wifeaged 56 was cured of three decades’ old migraine (headache), four decades old varicose veins and ulcers, Arthritis, blood pressure, and many other minor ailments. We suffered from the abovediseases without hope, obtaining only temporary relief from different systems of medical treatment.OP cured our diseases without medicine after practicing for over a year.
Having lived in Bangalore for over 37 years I was fully aware and experienced about howcomfortable is weather for a healthy person and how terrible it is for one with allergy, asthma etc.This reason prompted us to propagate this therapy to help others suffering like us. To do this I gotan English pamphlet printed on OP.
I was obsessed with the idea that OP should be brought to the notice of who ever was sufferingwith any disease. We started with telling personally and also distributed OP pamphlet. Fortunatelyone copy reached the editorial staff of Andhra Jyothi a Telugu daily. Few of them tried, found itseffective and curative power and published it in their Sunday supplement on Oct 3, 1993 under the Heading "Adbhuta Chikitsa - (Wonderful Therapy) - OP" in my name. I volunteered to answer to all queries from readers.
How OP has spread
Andhra Jyothi continuously published articles in their Sunday special for three years till September 1996. It was described as a "Health Movement" in Andhra Pradesh, India. Many of the experiences were also published in the paper.
Articles on OP and interviews with me on OP were published in Kannada, English, Telugu, Tamil, Urdu dailies and periodicals at various times during the last 12 years.
I have received more than twelve hundred letters giving their experiences from the people after practicing OP. This is in addition to a few thousand people who practiced OP with beneficial results who either visited or telephoned me. I also had the good fortune to meet a large number of people who had personally related their experiences regarding cures of diseases with OP during over a thousand lecture engagements organized by Rotary, Lions and Ladies clubs, Associations/Groups of Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Employees, Senior Citizens, and Students in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and major cities in other states- - over a period of twelve years.
All of them narrated how they suffered from one disease or the other without cure from other medical treatments, but were cured only by OP.
During the last twelve years, I also responded to a very large number of telephone calls and letters seeking help and guidance from people practicing OP.
Results of OP Survey by Andhra Jyoti
In 1996, two and half years after continuous publication of a regular column in their Sunday edtion on OP, Andhra Jyoti a Telugu daily, conducted a survey to find out the types of diseases cured and the effectiveness of OP. Out of a total of 1041 respondents, 927 (89%) reported cure of one or more diseases. People who did not report any cure were 114(11%). The analysis indicatedcure of the following types of chronic diseases:
Pains in the body and problems pertaining to neck and above 758 cases
Allergy and respiratory problems of lungs like asthma, bronchitis etc191 cases
Skin problems like pigmentation, itching, scars, black patches, and eczema etc 171 cases Digestive system-155 cases
Constipation-110 cases
Arthritis and joint pains-91 cases
Heart disease and B.P-74 cases
Diabetes-56 cases
Piles-27 cases
Diseases pertaining to female reproductive system reported by women-21 cases
Diseases like Polio, Cancer, Leprosy, polycystic kidney, neural fibroma, paralysis etc 72
Procedure for practice of Oil Pulling:

Take one tablespoon (two tea spoons=10ml) of refined sunflower oil or sesame oil in the mouth on an empty stomach in the morning.

With the mouth closed and chin up, without speed or effort, sip, suck, and pull the oil through the teeth in a relaxed way, and also exercise the jaw as if chewing, for a total period of 15 to 20 minutes.

Do not gargle in the throat.

Initially the oil is viscous but slowly it turns thin and white like milk as you continue.

(If the oil color is yellow and has not turned white pulling is not done sufficiently long or oil quantity is more).

Spit out as and when the mouth gets full.

Wash your mouth and teeth thoroughly.

Drink two or three glasses of water.

Do not swallow. However, inadvertently if you swallow, there is nothing to worry. It will go out through motion if not digested.

Do not spit where people walk or on vegetation. You can spit in the toilet and flush it.

If you are allergic to a particular brand, change the brand of oil or to different oil. Make sure the oil is good and refined.

Keep chin up so that pulling covers the back of oral cavity and the molar teeth.

For children of five years and above, only one teaspoon full (five ml) of oil will do.
Important note: Oils other than sun flower and sesame oils do not produce desired results.
Frequently asked questions
Q In the early morning, should we do OP after brushing and washing mouth or without brushing and washing mouth? A Do OP after brushing and washing mouth. The important thing is to thoroughly wash, brush and rinse mouth, teeth and gargle in the throat after spitting out the oil at the end of OP.
Who can Practice OP?
Anyone above five years of age People with dentures should remove them during practice Women can also practice during monthly periods and pregnancy.
Which is the best time for doing OP? The best time is when you do not feel well for any health problem on empty stomach.
How much time gap is required if we eat or drink? If after meals leave at least a gap of four hours before doing OP. If you drink, tea, coffee or soft drink or water give a gap of at least one-ho
What other Oils can be used for OP? Dr (med.) Karach has suggested refined sunflower Oil. Sesame Oil was prescribed in Ayurvedic texts for mouth gargles. Both oils worked well in curing health problems. Majority has used refined sunflower oil. Some found sesame oil better.
Q Some problems that may arise during OP : - (a) Oil does not become watery or thin even after 30 minutes. (b) Nose block due to accumulation of mucus (c) Sneezing and coughing
(d) Phlegm in the throat gets loose and comes into the mouth (e) Urge to pass urine or stools.
A. (a) Oil does not become watery because there is inadequate salivation and mouth is dry. In most cases, it happens in the morning and in some cases evening also. This is mainly due to lack of water in the body. In such cases drink water one hour before OP.
(b) To avoid nose block during OP wash, clean and blow your nose before starting OP. Slowly blow out nose to clear while holding the oil in the mouth. Repeat if necessary as OP continues
(c) Sensation/irritation may cause sneezing or coughing while doing OP. Do OP slowly in a relaxed state to avoid such irritation. Stop pulling and relax as irritation or sensation to sneeze is felt. It will subside. You can sneeze or cough while holding oil in mouth. If you have to sneeze or cough through mouth do it in the sink or some such place to avoid oil driblets spray all over or cover mouth with tissue paper.
(d) If phlegm comes into the mouth, making pulling inconvenient, spit and do pulling with fresh oil again.
(e) Urge to urinate or pass stools will arise only if you have not gone through nature’s calls before OP. In all cases of urge to pass stools or urinate during OP, the best is to relax on the commode and do OP.
How long will it take to cure a particular disease?
How long it takes to cure a particular disease is difficult to specify because it depends on the age, state of health and disease, food and other habits etc of each person. Dr Karach however said “that chronic diseases may take a year whereas acute diseases can be cured in 2 to 4 days. Practice until the original strength, freshness, calm sleep, good appetite and good remembrance is back again”.
Are there any adverse reactions with OP?
Dr Karach said: “some people in whom various illnesses are simultaneously manifest, an apparent worsening of condition is possible. This is due to primary infection first being depleted, causing secondary infections to dominate temporarily. After a few days secondary infection will disappear while another may be stimulated into activity. Such symptoms are usually apparent in persons suffering from chronic or terminal illnesses. Under these circumstances Dr Karach recommends that the affected person steadfastly continues the treatment even if fevers are initiated. Dr Karach maintains just when these symptoms appear the oil treatment will facilitate rapid healing. Should the treatment be broken for one reason or another the overall effects will be slowed down. For these reasons Dr Karach maintains that an apparent worsening of health is an excellent sign that disease is progressively being removed from the body”. Examples: To cite examples: - (a) Itching of the skin during infection and inflammation of an injury or wound and the same itching may be present in an aggravated manner during cure of the wound/injury. (b) A bone breaks due to an accident. The pain at the time of setting is more severe and also during the process of healing.
Advice on how to deal with healing reactions

Do OP as usual or increase to two or three times a day or even stop for a few days depending on the severity and your reaction.

Take medicine under the advice of a doctor for a minimum period, for relief and continue OP after the reactions is over.

It is not necessary that there will be healing reactions for all cases. Most of the cases are chronic and the patient has been suffering for long and possibly under treatment. Healing reaction appears more severe and one gets the feeling that disease is aggravating. At such time one is inclined to stop OP, do not stop but continue OP. This is a sure sign before cure. Recognize it as a reaction and continue OP and you will be cured with in a short time and you will know the state of disease free health which makes you happy.
Sample testimonies of different disease cured
There are many testimonies of disease cured from different people, differing in age, sex and duration of disease. More examples are given in my book “Oil Pulling – A Universal Remedy”. Sample testimonies of chronic diseases cured are appended below for showing the curative effect of OP.
Forty five year old Asthma and Allergy cured
I am 56 years old. I have been suffering from allergy and asthma from the age of 11 years when I had my first menses. Whenever I had head bath after monthly periods I wassuffering from asthma, cough and phlegm. It was very severe. This was lasting for about 3-4 days every month. In addition whenever I had head bath I used to suffer from the same type of allergy. I had tried all types of treatment for 45 years to get rid of this but without any success. I was spending my life with medicines but without cure. They had even diagnosed as a heart problem. I had lost hope of living. Life seamed a big burden and uncertain.
At this stage, on 3rd March 94 I met you (T Koteswara rao) in a marriage and you came to me and explained to me about OP and encouraged me to practice it. 2 months after practicing my problems of health became a little more severe and I took them as healing reactions and consoled myself with the hope that I am going to be cured totally after the reactions. These reactions lasted for about 2 months. Now after 9 months of OP I have become wonderfully healthy. Asthma has gone, no pains in the joints or body, no spots or discoloration of the skin instead the skin has acquired a new shine, digestion has improved and I can eat anything without the fear of allergy. It is really enjoyable to eat things, which you like instead of fearing about allergy and asthma.
My advice to all women is, do OP for all your problems you will remain healthy and your looks will improve.
Ms.V.Lakshminarsamamba, Krishna Dt, A.P
Allergy Asthma- Exhilarating Experience
On the first day of OP Feb 25, 1995, I felt an exhilarating feeling of freshness in the mouth. Because of OP, addiction to cigar smoking cured on Mar 28, 1995. I was able to work with increased energy, concentration and less impatience. My nostrils were clear and clean. I had food allergic asthma from September 1975. By end of March '95, I gave up the use of inhalers for asthma. Numbness in hands and legs disappeared in April 1995. Discomfort in my feet and joints due to walking disappeared by April '95. The food tastes better and I feel more energetic. I am enjoying the freshness of mouth, good health and very sound sleep due to OP.
Prof V.R.R.M. Babu, (57 years), Geology Dept, Andhra University, Waltair
Allergic bronchitis with wheezing
For the last three months, my wife and I are doing OP regularly. I suffer from severe running nose. Now after I started doing OP, the running nose has become very mild and it persists only for a day or so. I also used to get severe bouts of cough and with great difficulty manageto get the sputum out. Now the running nose does not follow by cough.
y wife used to develop allergic bronchitis with wheezing due to dust or after severe coldand on long journeys. She tried OP for three months and did not develop wheezing orsevere cough.
Dr. P.V.R.D.N. Prasad Sarma, (practicing since 1955), Machilipatnam, AP
Cancer cases
Most importantly, I want to write about three cases of cancer. In two cases, biopsy reportconfirms “schirrus type of carcinoma of uterus”. In the third case, it is malignant growthof a tumor of a size bigger than tennis ball on the jawbone. This case is also of a woman on homeopathy medicines. Within two months of OP, in both cases of carcinoma of uterusbleeding reduced, general condition improved and they are confident that their disease will go. You know confidence/faith contributes to cure more than medicine.
In the case of malignant tumor after a month of OP, pus came out of a hole in the tumor onthe jawbone. The pus stopped after three weeks, the hole closed and the size of tumorcame down to almost normal. In these cases, my medicines must have given temporary relief. Iam hoping they will totally heal.
In case of joint pains the improvement that would have resulted in eight months with mymedicines, have come within two moths of OP.
For allergy, asthma and tooth diseases, the results are wonderful. My medicines must have given only temporary relief. I am hoping OP will heal them totally.
Dr.S.Chandramouli, Homeopath, Gollalamamidalam, E.G. Dt., A. P
Constipation – Piles-“With OP Health Is Great Wealth”
I have been practicing OP for the last one year with Til (gingelly -sesame) oil for fifteen to twenty minutes daily in the morning without fail. I am 82 years old. I have been suffering from constipation and piles for the last four decades. I consulted many doctors, used many medicines but with only temporary relief.
Within two weeks of practicing OP, I started getting relief. There was no pain during motion.Inflammation and piles decreased. I started having free and clear evacuation. I am sleeping peacefully and happily at night. Indigestion, lack of appetite has gone. Decades old pain has gonejust by doing OP with gingelly (sesame) oil. Our Ayurvedic treatment is a comprehensive solutionfor all diseases. It is good for all to practice. -“With OP Health Is Great Wealth”.
Padma Bhusan Sri Kalogi Narayana Rao, People's Poet, Tirupathi, A.P
Diabetes - Pregnancy - Child birth
My age is 41 years. I am a diabetic patient with no children. After doing OP for three months, I became pregnant. At the time of pregnancy, my blood sugar increased. I stopped OP for about a month thinking it was aggravating my problem. Having come to know that aggravation is a sign of cure, I started OP again. The sugar level came down and I continued OP throughout my pregnancy. After a caesarian operation, I gave birth to a baby. The doctors checked for sugar, both for the baby and me. We both were free from sugar. The wound healed well and stitches removed on the seventh day. Doctor was astonished at this. I found OP benefited me in the following ways:
I weigh 90 Kgs. height 4’11” with weak twisted foot. By walking, the foot used to become septic and pus used to ooze. By OP and walking daily, I became strong and was able to walk up the steps without difficulty. OP reduced sugar gradually and diabetes cured. The skin became clear and shining and the spots on the body disappeared. The body became strong, teeth firm; gums healthy and the hair turned black and stopped becoming white or gray.
Mrs AVL Umamaheswari, Commercial Tax Dept, Eluru, A.P.
At the advanced age of 74, it is unjust to expect miraculous result from any kind of therapy. Yet I must say that what I have experienced through OP therapy is almost a miracle and quite unbelievable. Diabetes has been troubling me for the past 13 years. Now my blood sugar level is normal, though I do not take any medicine. I have discontinued all medication including vitamins, enzymes etc.
Swami Swarupanand Bharati, (Formerly K.R.K.Chetty,IPS,D.I.G.(Retd)), Hyderabad
Retired Brigadier’s report on major problems of health-Heart
I had a heart attack in Febraury 1987. Angiography revealed 2-vessel disease. RCA, CTX fully blocked, and LCA clear. For more than 11 years, has been on medicines. I had Parkinson’s disease for the last 5 years and been on medicines.
I started regular OP on Feb 15, 1998 and completed 5 months. I do it only once everyday in the morning. The results are
Blood Pressure: There has been a distinct drop. Now it is generally 130/80.
Breathlessness -Disappeared. This means increased exercise tolerance.
Insomnia: Now I have sound sleep. No longer getting up several times for going to the toilet
Snoring -Totally gone much to the satisfaction of other family members
Phlegm -It used to be a major problem. Now totally cured
Gums -Much healthier, red, and no longer bleeding
Teeth -Cleaner and healthier
Itching -Disappeared
Blood clots near the ankles -90-95% disappeared. Skin, which used to be black, has become whitish (due to better blood circulation)
Blood vessels - Used to be bulging out prominently, especially on the back of the palms. Now the hands are smooth and arteries/veins have become soft.
Temperament -Now much more tolerant with 90% improvement
Involuntary tremors - The improvement is 40 % Reduced limbs functioning - Especially in the right arm and leg, there is significant improvement, manifested by improved handwriting to about 60-70% Swollen feet/ ankles -Swelling has reduced to the extent of 50-60% Eyesight - Been using reading glasses for the past 25 years and am pleasantly surprised to manage playing bridge for the first time without spectacles Vertigo - For the first time in my life, I had a few incidents. Investigation revealed very high blood sugar levels controlled by exercise and food control Memory -There is much improvement in memory General - Improved breathing, better blood circulation, better reflexes, better exercise tolerance, and cool temper and can easily walk with out fatigue Medicines - Tapered down in a systematic manner, sleeping pills no longer needed, and Parkinson’s medicines not required
The digestion is perfect. Speed of writing, tying of turban and strength of right arm shows overall improvement. The shine and health of the skin is also improving. Brig (Retd) T.S.Chowdary, (63years), Janakpuri, New Delhi
Retired Civil Surgeon’s Report- Left Ventricular failure
I had recently suffered from Left Ventricular failure. After 15 days of starting OP, I could find the change in my condition as evidenced by the echocardiogram. I was suffering from Acid Peptic disease (duodenal ulcer) for the past 30 years, and OP has miraculously givenrelief and I have stopped using antacids.
I had Benign Hypertrophy of Prostate since some years, and after OP nocturnal frequency of urine is much reduced.
Some minor ailments like stomatitis (inflammation of the mucus membrane of the mouth), glossitis (inflammation of the tongue), itching of skin on chest and neck, discoloration of skin have also gone.
After OP, I saw my palms appeared definitely bright and full-blooded. So I went to the laboratory and got my HB tested. I was surprised to see that my hemoglobin content of blood has risen from 11gms to 12.4gms within a period of 2 months.
Dr. N.Ranga Rao, Dy. Civil Surgeon (Retd.), Peddapuram, A.P
(Mouth) Halitosis- bad smell in Mouth
I have been suffering from bad smell in the mouth and pyorrhea for the last eight years. Mouth smell has not gone except visiting the dentist and getting things cleaned, and medication, Medication and dental cleaning was giving me only temporary relief. After five months of OP bad smell in the mouth has completely gone whereas, pyorrhea has decreased and I feel confident that I will be normal without this problem. OP has helped me to bring back my self-confidence in a helpless state. With your kindness I am breathing happily and feel that you have given me rebirth.
G.B.Rao, Rajamundry, A.P
I am one of the old patients suffering from mouth ulcer since last 12 to 15 years. After going through the article published in Kannada Prabha daily I started "OIL PULLING" twice in a day (morning & evening) from 27th of June 1995 along with medicine. During initial 2-3 months period I got only 25 % benefit. After that I got more benefit in 4-5 months period. After completing 6 months I got 100 % result and at the same time I slowly reduced my medicines. Now after completing of 7 months I have completely stopped the medicines and I have no complaints of mouth ulcer since last 2 to 3 months. So I am happy to say that I got 100 % relief/cure of my old sickness of mouth ulcer from "OIL PULLING".
Salamander Shiny Parkal, Manipal.
Myasthenia Gravis (MG) [Double Vision]
In my 36th year in 1980, I had suddenly developed double vision and right eyelid closing.Diagnosed as myasthenia gravis, medicine (prostigmine) prescribed.
During the year 1993, I started practicing OP. I used medicine for one month along with OP. LaterI stopped medicines and continued OP. Myasthenia Gravis cured without medicines. When Istopped for one month, it came up again. Now I do OP only and do not use any medicines.
T.Brahmaji Rao, Pedavadlapudu, Guntur Dt. A.P
(Pains) Back Pain, Neck Pain
I had back pain for the past ten years and have been taking treatment for the same with severaldoctors and traction was also given for sufficiently long time without any improvement. I never used to go to bed without a medicine like Brufen, Voveran and others daily.
After reading the essay by Sri Tummala Koteswara Rao on OP, I started practicing OP with sunflower refined oil and started finding improvement within fifteen days and I was much relievedof the pain within three months. Now it is six months since I have been doing it and 90% of thepain is relieved. Now along with the back pain, the pain in my neck and arm pits has alsogone. I am not taking any medicine for the back pain. I do not dare to stop OP.
After finding good results myself, I started giving lectures in Telugu on "Keep Fit with OP" invarious local schools and associations and all of them are doing and most of them are very muchbenefited.
Dr.V.Prabhakar(48years) MDS (Madras), Guntakal A.P
Back pain and Arthritis
I have been suffering from arthritis in the knees for the last 10 years and pain in the lower back for the last two decades. I have tried several allopathic medicines and got a temporary relief. I started doing OP from Nov 17 1995 and observed miraculous changes happening. Within 5 days, my arthritis in the knees and lower back pain completely cured. It is just unbelievable how arthritis of the knees cured, which the allopathic medicines could not do.
Subedar Juvva Gandhi, Sub-area HQ, Karnataka, Bangalore.
Knee and Ankle Pain
Though I was reading the reports of the efficacy of OP in curing certain diseases in “Andhra jyoti”, Idid not begin until my brother, got relief from asthma and advised me to practice. I was not able tosleep under a fan or in the open as my nose used to block. Cold-water bath was another curse.
After practicing OP, I am able to sleep right under the fan with full speed with no discomfort. The occasional asthmatic or esonophilia attacks vanished. The pain on the left knee and right ankle forthree to four years are no longer there. A small eruption on my skull - five years old - vanished.
- 20 years old piles - has miraculously vanished.
Prof.T.Venugopal Rao, Principal, Vishaka Institute of Professional Studies, J.R. Nagar,Vishakapatnam, A.P.
(Skin) Eczema Cured
I am 79 years and have retired as a teacher. I wanted to be healthy by doing OP and have been practicing once daily since November 95. I have eczema for the last 30 years on the left foot.Ithas been there inspite of various treatments. Similarly, on the right hand index fingereczema is there for the last 10 years. I have lower back pain for quite few years. It was called spondylitis. I have been OP for the last 1 year and 8 months. Lower back pain has completely
gone and no pain. Eczema on the right index finger is also cured and skin is normal. Theeczema on the left foot is becoming normal with a little itching sometimes. I am sure it will also go, but the cure is simply surprising, but I am confident that the remaining symptomsof eczema on the left foot will also be cured.
C.V.Purnachandra Rao, Chennai, T.N
Tooth Pain and Loose Teeth
I am an 86 year, aged retired public servant. I developed tooth ache. The toothache was really agonizing. I thought, I may try, being a skeptic, oil pulling before visiting the dentist. Hardly did Itry it for a couple of days then the intensity of ache came down. In another two days the pain stopped totally. This pain was centered on an incisor the base of which was affected and toothitself was shaking. Having got some relief I developed faith in its efficacy and continued thetreatment for a fortnight. The affected tooth miraculously firmed up and now I am able to bite fruits and other not so hard items of food. This is a radical change....I feel thankful for this
90 year old Senior’s Opinion
Summer is very severe and heat is unbearable with day temperatures about 40degrees centigrade.After 7 to 8 months of OP, I have found good results. I have removed the ‘neck band’. Thedigestive system has improved. My wife completed one year of OP. In the beginning the spit out after OP was viscous and thick and now it is watery. We feel that our diseases have pulled out of our body and we have become healthy. We wish to continue OP life long. If any one asks myopinion, I tell them it is ‘excellent and there is no comparison’.
I have been continuing OP for the last six years with sunflower oil. I am now running my 90th year. Our health is good by God’s grace and your good advice. We pray to God to keep you and yourfamily healthy and happy. Our blessings to you.
K.Hutcha.Reddy, Siruguppa, Bellary, Karnataka
(Letter from J P Balasubramanyam, Managing Partner, dated 28- 9- 2005, reproduced)
Oil Pulling (OP) therapy was introduced to around 150 women workers in the factory. They report to the factory in the morning between 6 to 7 AM. The benefits of the therapy were explained to them and were asked to report without eating or drinking- on empty stomach. Oil was distributed to them, free of cost. After 25 days we have ascertained Their impression regarding the results it produces on their body. As OP cures various types of ailments, we asked their opinion, in the under mentioned four categories.
The results of 144 workers who have done OP for a minimum of 20 days are given below:
Very good -23 work
Good -58
Average -56
No effect -7
Total -1
In one of the above mentioned 144 workers, we have found an excellent effect on a woman supervisor aged 35 with two children. She is a diabetic for the last two years. She spends about
Rs - 300/- per month on medicines. After 20 days of OP she reduced 50 % of the medicines and found there is no problem in doing daily routine work and blood sugar was normal. Again after another 20 days of OP, she discontinued all medicines. Blood sugar level was normal. She is able to do the routine work in the factory in a much better manner; general tiredness reduced a lot. She is able to do more work with less strain to the body.
Informal talk with those who practiced OP, indicates it working very well for the diseases: Tooth pain and related problems; Cold; Asthma; Blood Pressure; Diabetes; MenstrualProblems, constipation and general health.
Experiment with the oil therapy for any common disease, like common cold, sneezing,hayfever, migraine headache, cough, sore throat, pains etc and see the results in your ownbody within a short period and get convinced. I am convinced that OP is good for anyproblem of health.
How does OP cure diseases?
(a) Physically the process of OP cleans the teeth, mouth and makes the oral cavity hygienic, free from bacteria and foreign particles.
(b) The burden of the body and toxic load gets reduced and blood is purified.
(c) During OP the metabolism is increased and keeps the body in a persistent state of health.
(d) During OP, nervous stimulation releases/inhibits hormones and other secretions and brings about homeostasis. The immune system is also strengthened.
According to Ayurveda Tridosha principle the doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha in balanceis health and imbalance is disease. OP with sesame oil is prescribed as a daily routine.Keeping oil gargles in the mouth daily balances three-Doshas and cures diseases.
OP cures diseases based on the principle of Homoeopathy what causes a disease cures it.
Benefits of OP:
a) OP is both preventive and curative.
b) It is easy, safe and affordable home therapy.
c) OP saves your money, keeps you healthy and makes you more productive.
Conclusion There is a saying "Health is Wealth". This fact dawns on us when we are already threatened by a serious chronic disease, which has no cure except daily medication. Keeping healthy is our primary responsibility. You should be an example for your family members in keeping good health. It is never late, to begin OP and observe healthy habits and become healthy. A healthy person is "cost, time and efficiency effective and is a good manager”. OP is easily the best to keep your mouth and body healthy. Be one by Practice.
In this age of modern medical advances to think of or have such a simple therapy as OP isGod given Great Gift.
OP maintains homeostasis in the body and keeps the body healthy without necessity formedicines.
My sincere advice to all is “Practice OP and Experience good health” and that will be goodfor you, your family and the nation in saving expenditure, increasing productivity and inspreading Health and Happiness.
Information for Practitioners
This pamphlet can be reproduced or translated into any language and printed or reprinted in anypublication. It should not be altered, changed, distorted, or abridged. Please send me a few copies.
I am at your service to explain advice and demonstrate OP to any group in a meeting or assemblyand clear doubts during practice. Write to me with a self-addressed stamped envelope.
Write your experience and help in the promotion and propagation of OP. Send copies to the NewsPapers and periodicals and a copy to me. Print media is the best to promote this therapy. If you donot want your name to be published do not hesitate but write that also.
There is a book in English on OP under publication on the subject by me. It contains completedetails about OP, frequently asked questions with answers, specific diseases with advice,testimonials (120) on diseases cured, a chapter on healthy habits and how OP cures diseases asoil used in mouth and in terms of Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Modern medicine and diseases cured. Effect of OP on Ageing and Longevity is included. Details about each of the subjects withfrequently asked questions and answers are given.
Tummala Koteswara Rao (Retired Lt Col T K Rao)
"TUMMALA", No. 2815, 5th cross, Vivekananda layout, Ward no 13, T. Dasarahalli, Bangalore - 560 057.
Telephone: 091-80-28395528. Web site: www.oilpulling.org
Email: info@oilpulling.org
Well Known Law in Physics :
What is proved theoretically may not always be proved experimentally but what is proved experimentally can always be proved theoretically.
Testimonies provide the experimental proof and I gave briefly an indication of the theoretical back ground of “How does OP cure Diseases” under Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Modern medicine and the effect of sunflower swishing in the mouth for 15 to 20 minutes in detail in my Book on OP “OIL PULLING, A UNIVERSAL REMEDY’.
Prevention of sickness is good, not only for you personally but also for the family, society, your organization and the country. Minimizing expenditure, increasing productivity, reducing personal and family suffering, minimizing the load on public and private health care systems and increasing availability of medical facilities to deserving cases are the benefits of preventive health care.
The Governments of the world, World Health Organization, Corporations, Companies, NGOs and all those who are interested in the welfare/improving the health of people, may consider to get verified that OP is an important curative as well as preventive measure in the promotion of health to confirm for themselves, whether these findings are valid and hold good. If the results are valid, propagate OP at the national level. This will improve health of people at the least cost. A healthy nation will become a wealthy nation.
Ayurveda texts contain the primary preventive routine to be followed for maintaining health by all individuals in Swastha Vritha. They could be suitably modified for the present day conditions and propagated among the people. Formulation of these rules and educating the people will improve the health of people at minimal cost and reduce the burden on health services besides being cost effective. The daily and seasonal practices increase immunity, resistance and preserve the health of the individual. The practices are preventive, curative and prophylactic for maintenance of health.
Web site:   www.oilpulling.org    contains all the details given in this small booklet.

I earnestly request all those who come across this to propagate by any method they think appropriate. Those with a web site of their own may consider giving a link to this web site.
It is superfluous to state that Media is the major player in spreading the message in the whole world. I have no doubt left they will give maximum coverage as they had done before.
Sinon, A voir et avoir absolument ;-)    http://www.eau-papillon.be/

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